Quincy Main Location
1564 Hancock Street
Quincy, MA 02169

Waltham Location
Cambridge Center for Chinese Culture
411 Waverley Oaks Rd., Room 17
Waltham, MA.

Authentic, Traditional, Shaolin Training in Boston

Kung fu has its origins in China, and each time kung fu is mentioned, the world-renowned Shaolin Kung fu always comes to mind.  In China's rich history Shaolin kung fu has been in existence for over 1,500 years and during this time the art of Shaolin kung fu training methods and abilities have been honed to perfection.  To this day, Shaolin kung fu still has its place as a leader among the different kung fu styles worldwide.

With the opening of a Shaolin Kung Fu Center, the philosophy of Buddhism and the training methods of Shaolin Kung Fu are now available to the Greater Boston area.  Our hope is that through experiencing our culture and ancient arts students will embrace values such as confidence, independence, self-improvement, discipline and overcoming hardships, all of which are core to Shaolin philosophy.

The Boston Shaolin Kung Fu Center is established by Shifu Hengzhen, esteemed disciple of the China Shaolin Temple's revered Masters Shi Yanju and Shi Yansi. After more than ten years of training at the Temple, Shifu Hengzhen brings with him both the discipline from kung fu and the wisdom of Shaolin Buddhist philosophy.  Under the guidance of both Shi Yanju and Shi Yansi, Shifu Hengzhen excelled and became an outstanding warrior monk in the Shaolin Warrior Monk performance team.  His unparalleled abilities led him to be both the head coach at the New York Shaolin Temple and the Chicago Shaolin Temple for many years.  Shifu Hengzhen is an expert in many areas, including Shaolin Iron Palm, numerous weapons, animal fist forms, traditional Shaolin fist forms, drunken fist forms, qigong and Wudang Tai Chi.

Our classes are open for all ages with or without martial art experience.

You are very welcome to come for the information or to observe a class!